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Why Zenni Business?

With over 20 years as an online optical leader, Zenni continues to innovate and expand on its mission with investments in new technologies serving our business partnerships.

What we offer

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    Offer an easy way for customers to browse and purchase glasses with state-of-the-art technology powered by the latest AI solutions.

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    Give the gift of eyewear to your workforce or clients with a customizable platform.

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    Healthcare & Insurance

    Elevate your vision benefits with Zenni's prescription glasses offering, emphasizing superior eye health for members.

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    Safety Eyewear

    Keep your modern workplace safe with our wide selection of protective eyewear, including ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses.

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    Fulfillment & Manufacturing

    Optimize your brand's reach with world class labs, logistics and timely global delivery.

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    Eye Care Provider Affiliate

    Empower your practice with a curated collection from cost-effective options to designer brands your patients love.

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